Table Tennis Odds

Originally invented as an after-dinner game in Victorian England, table tennis – or ping pong as it is also known, has grown to become a worldwide sport with fans and players hailing from around the world. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was established in 1926 and for almost 100 years it has been the centre of gravity for the game. Today, not only are there numerous major table tennis tournaments, such as the ITTF World Championships, the ITTF Pro Tour, the Champions League and the TT Cup, it is also a highly respected sport in the Summer Olympics. At bwin, you can find great odds and information about all these tournaments, so you can bet with confidence on table tennis.

Get live odds on Table Tennis

With bwin’s live coverage of all the major ping pong tournaments, you can get the latest odds on every match as well as place a bet on each set or match winner, as the game is taking place. Feel the intensity and fast paced action of table tennis and make you betting decision according to what is happening right now!

Why should you place a bet on Table Tennis?

Table tennis is as entertaining as it is fast, however it is also a sport where strategy and extreme concentration are needed to win. This is what makes it great, both as a spectator sport as well as for betting. The tiniest slip of concentration can hand the victory to the opponent and highly skilled underdogs are always waiting in the wings to knock out the favourites.  In table tennis, you will also find a great variety of betting options, from a vast range of tournaments to men’s and women’s singles and doubles formats. With the World Championship 2021 on the horizon, there will be even more to bet on, as different teams will try their best to end China’s dominance. However, with the current table tennis number 1, Fan Zhendong in their side, China won’t make it easy for anyone.  


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